ALL SONGS CONSIDERED "Erin Rae's voice will cure your allergies" -Ann Powers

ROLLING STONE  "With a voice that swoons and soothes, Erin Rae makes smooth-edged music for Sunday afternoons. Her arrangements — anchored by pedal-steel guitar and the steady strum of an acoustic guitar — may be rooted in modern-day indie folk, but the songs themselves rustle up comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne, two likeminded singers whose music packs a punch without breaking a sweat."




THE BITTER SOUTHERNER "Rae also pulls off the remarkable trick of using country themes and instrumentation to create music that doesn’t fit comfortably into anycategory, and we’ve always got a soft spot for artists who can rise above the limits of a particular genre.

BLUEGRASS SITUATION "Singer/songwriter Erin Rae has one of those languid, honey-soaked voices that feels much older than its years and wouldn't feel at all out of place among the ladies of Laurel Canyon, if she hadn't been born 40 years too late. In terms of contemporaries, Rae could be likened to Laura Marling and, on the male side, Andrew Combs. That's some pretty good company, right there."