The new album by Erin Rae

Available June 8
on Single Lock Records

Erin Rae_Web header 1.jpg
This album will bewitch and enlighten the nation.
— Ann Powers, NPR
I was instantly transfixed.
— John Paul White
Hits your heart hard with humble beauty.
— The Line Of Best Fit

Featuring the title track
"Putting On Airs"


And the new single
"Can't Cut Loose"

"They’ll see you from across the room, and know what you’re dealing."


Tour Dates


"Been sitting right here this whole time inside, love that I knew before.”



Management: Patrick Sullivan, patrick@runrunbebop.com
Booking (North America): Adam Voith, adam@billions.com
Booking (UK/EU): Ed Thompson, ed@freetradeagency.co.uk
Press: Doug Hall, doug@ddigitalpr.co.uk
Label: Single Lock Records, info@singlelock.com
Radio: Ellena Osis, ellena@thehousethatbuiltme.com
Publishing: Downtown Music Group, licensing@dmpgroup.com



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