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ROLLING STONE: “…the musical equivalent of a dream sequence.”

AMERICAN SONGWRITER: Erin Rae: The Great Reckoning

AMERICAN SONGWRITER: "(Erin Rae) effortlessly combines her vocal, lyrical and melodic gifts into a perfect storm on the shimmering and often spellbinding Putting on Airs."

BOSTON GLOBE: Erin Rae's translucent, wistful 'Putting On Airs'

AXS: "A voice that demands attention."

NO DEPRESSION: "Bad Mind is a masterpiece."

WIDE OPEN COUNTRY: Erin Rae's 'Putting On Airs' Unmasks the Truth

PASTE MAGAZINE: The Beautiful and Cathartic Words of Erin Rae

NYLON: Erin Rae Is Part Of A New Wave Of Feminist Country Musicians

NPR FIRST LISTEN: "...the quartet hit upon a sound redolent of Laurel Canyon psychedelia, adding Mellotron keyboards and vibraphone to Erin Rae's usual strum. The arrangements serve her storytelling perfectly, creating a kind of cinematic glow..."

NPR: To Comfort A 'Bad Mind,' Erin Rae Unearths Uneasy Truths

INDEPENDENT (UK): "(Bad Mind) is a wistful folk earworm that sees Rae coming to terms with her own sexuality."

BILLBOARD: John Paul White Signee Erin Rae Unveils 'Putting on Airs' Lyric Video: Premiere

NPR: World Cafe Nashville - Erin Rae

THE LINE OF BEST FIT: (SONG OF THE DAY) Erin Rae shines again on breathtakingly powerful new song “Bad Mind”

THE GUARDIAN: "Can't Cut Loose" Named Best New Track

ROLLING STONE: 10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week

NOISEY: Erin Rae Has a Song for You When You Feel Like Going Back to Your Old Ways

LADYGUNN: 45 Seconds with Erin Rae (Interview)

VULTURE: Best New Songs of the Week

WIDE OPEN COUNTRY: "...a masterpiece of songwriting and suggests great things to come." (Artists To Watch, June 2018)

NASHVILLE SCENE: Erin Rae Gets Bittersweet on 'Can't Cut Loose' [Fresh Track]

THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION: "Our first favorite record of 2018." (11 Artists We're Excited To See At AmericanaFest 2017)

ROLLING STONE: Watch Joshua Hedley, Erin Rae's Delicate Guy Clark Cover

THIRD MAN RECORDS: "(Joshua) Hedley and (Erin) Rae, both top respected voices in the Nashville local country scene, have never been more in their elements: trad country crooning, tight harmonies, and the most lonesome set of songs Third Man recording equipment has ever captured."

THE LINE OF BEST FIT: Erin Rae continues her upwards trajectory on country jewel “Wild Blue Wind”

THE 405 (UK): "Some musicians have sound that is easy to pin down, able to be neatly compartmentalized and defined. Erin Rae is not one of those musicians. Hailing from Nashville but recording in Wisconsin, drawing from country but infusing with 60s psych, Rae is capable of drawing genres and ideas that are seemingly at odds with one another into something quite remarkable. Her 2015 debut, Soon Enough, gave a delightful preview of this ability, but her newest single, 'Like The First Time,' might be her finest work yet."

GOD IS IN THE TV (UK): "Those familiar country music staples of loss and yearning may well permeate Wild Blue Wind – beautifully accentuated by a suitably plaintive musical arrangement – but it is the purity of Erin Rae’s voice and the dignity she invests in the song’s sentiments that raises it way above and beyond the everyday."

GOLDFLAKEPAINT (UK): "A singer-songwriter whose smoothly lilting vocals do to the retro fuzz of a pedal-steel guitar what Feist does to fresh licks of percussion, creating some enchanting combination that stirs inside you the twangs of sorrow and joy."

WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO: Appleton Artists Find Creative Sanctuary In Former Monastery

LOST RIVER SESSIONS (WKU PBS): "Simply put, Erin Rae may have the purest voice in all of music."

ROLLING STONE: "With a voice that swoons and soothes, Erin Rae makes smooth-edged music for Sunday afternoons."

ALL SONGS CONSIDERED: "Erin Rae's voice will cure your allergies" - Ann Powers, NPR

AMERICAN SONGWRITER: "(Erin) Rae’s voice is so expressive and alluring, and these tunes so well constructed that the album feels like a multi-angled portrait showing different sides of an artist who has found her sound and digs into it."

THE BLUEGRASS SITUATION: "Erin Rae has one of those languid, honey-soaked voices that feels much older than its years and wouldn't feel at all out of place among the ladies of Laurel Canyon, if she hadn't been born 40 years too late."

DIFFUSER.FM: "With subtly complex music and beautiful vocals, Rae paints an inspiring picture..."

NO COUNTRY FOR NEW NASHVILLE: "The inspiring first single showcases Rae’s smooth, haunting tone and her impressive ability to express immense emotion with just a few hums and strums of the guitar.  “Soon Enough” cements Rae’s position as a solo artist ready to step out of the background and into the spotlight for good."

LOCKELAND SPRINGSTEEN: Erin Rae McKaskle’s Five Nashville Changes For the Good

THE BITTER SOUTHERNER: "Rae also pulls off the remarkable trick of using country themes and instrumentation to create music that doesn’t fit comfortably into any category, and we’ve always got a soft spot for artists who can rise above the limits of a particular genre."