Andrew Combs
Live for CMTEdge 
"Nothin to Lose" on All These Dreams, Thirty Tigers 2015

Charlie Whitten
"Hey Love" on Hey Love, Nashville, TN 2014

Small Houses
Still Talk; Second City Atlanta, GA 2015

Margo Price
Live at Exit/Inn
"Since You Put Me Down" filmed by Joshua Shoemaker, Nashville, TN 2014

Kelsey Waldon 

"The Goldmine" Nashville, TN 2014

Caroline Spence

"Somehow" Nashville, TN 2015

Austin Manuel

"Up the Ridge" Nashville, TN 2015

Gabriel Kelley 

"Roll Tape EP" Nashville, TN/ Athens, GA

Daniel Kirkwood

"Kill Olympia"

Boom forest
"Clean coal" Nashville, TN 2014

Caleb Groh
"Ocelot" Nashville, TN TBA

Alice Calvary

"Tennessee River" TBA

Johnny Appleseed

"Single For Christmas" 2012

Ashley Williams
"Sing EP" 2013


"We Grow Old" Nashville, TN 2011

"Christmas EP" 2012

Wilder Adkins
"Hurtful Words" Harvest Star Folk Collective 2013

Last of The Horsemen
"God Must Hate Us" 2012

"Sinkholes" 2013


Keith walker
"I Still Do" 2012